One night after being beat up, a miserable worm squirms alone through the night. Just to his luck, a bejeweled egg falls upon him! (literally) He thinks that this will make him rich---until the egg hatches, revealing a cute anime-esque fairy. Now with his new girlfriend (not!), they go on wacky adventures, make new friends, and develop as they go through life.


About Me:

My name is Kimi and I'm a 22 year old student whom currently resides and New Jersey. My dreams consist of getting out of this state to live a better life. I am an animation enthusiast, semi-political junkie, and love cats and turtles. I have been working on this story since my freshman year of high school--where a lot of the material has been changed. Originally, this was going to have human characters set up at a camp but I figured I could expand on that. It was going to be a lot more slapstick oriented like most animated cartoons. 

However, I want to go deeper than that (I'm terrible at comedy anyway). I want to be able to develop each character archetype and expand on them in different tropes and genres associated with them. This is a tribute to the American and anime I have seen in the past two decades (1990s-2010s), from those I have watched as a child until now. I hope many people will enjoy this story as it continues to unfold in future chapters.